Paul Brockmeyer is one lucky dude.

Paul is a software developer/designer living in the city of Saint Louis. He started a software company out of college and has somehow managed to keep it alive. He also built and maintains a database of schools, a crime notification service, and is a founding member of a not-for-profit group of urban minded parents dedicated to raising kids in the city.

He's married to a wonderful girl and is father to three criminally handsome children: a son and two daughters. They cohabit with a clutter of spiders in an old house in a historic neighborhood, and spend a lot of their free time rehabbing it.

In The Olden Days™, Paul liked to travel to 3rd world countries pretending to be Canadian. His first trip overseas was to Thailand, where he was suckered into buying a large sapphire. He's hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru and spent some time in the Amazon where he was almost trampled by wild boars. He and his brother were mugged by militant Maoists on the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal. He's climbed Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, circumnavigated a volcano in Costa Rica, biked to Angkor Wat in Cambodia, hiked on the John Muir Trail, summited Mount Rainier with Dave Hahn, and paddled a 50-year-old Grumman 340 miles in the world's longest continuous canoe ultramarathon.

Paul gets excited thinking about neuroscience & human memory, civic hacking, and project-based learning... and gets depressed thinking about the world's general lack of moral humility. His ultimate goal was to make some dough early in life so that he could wander around doing interesting things that benefit humanity. Time, however, is running out and Paul Brockmeyer is easily distracted.

Please reach out and remind him that personal websites are so 1998, and that writing about yourself in third-person is insufferably lame.